War is not sparkly Mr Cameron

I don’t know. It seems that because this year marks the centenary of one of the world’s biggest wars, we must have a sparkly new £2 coin fresh out of the Mint, with Lord Kitchener’s face on it, or something to that effect.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? How war is funded by the very thing that the Bullingdon boys want to stamp “something” on in order to commemorate the first world war. 

Last year, it was how we should all be joyous and have the same kind of national spirit as was likely evident in the Queen’s Jubilee. 

My God can the man be more insulting?

I know I play my first person shooters, I love the odd bit of Brothers in Arms (squad-based, tactical WW2 shooter series), I do love a bit of computer based warfare – with all it’s new programming and coding that allows for entirely destructible environments, but war, real war, is real people, real bullets and bombs, real pain, real loss, real suffering. 

Ask a soldier. 

I don’t have to worry about asking soldiers, I was born to two soldiers, the families of whom have had several connections with military service. 

I think it’s an insult to the living and the dead to have this absolutely blinkered buffoon going around saying everything should be all sparkly and shit, because the war is important, we must support war efforts, we must support sending our troops where they aren’t wanted, sucking up to the States and all and sundry so we can save face on an international level.

Gone are the days when the IRA really did cause hassle. My Dad knows about that stuff. He lost comrades in Northern Ireland when the troubles were a daily issue on a media-grabbed basis. We aren’t looking after our own anymore. We aren’t defending our freedoms by sending all these soldiers, sailors and airmen (plus ground crew) to places further afield with no sign of conflict in between. This isn’t about remembrance, this isn’t about the sobriety and somberness of the reflections people should be having when that silence is begun, this isn’t remembering that both wars were both stupidly unnecessary, yet were necessary because of someone’s ignorance, or someone’s stubbornness, or both. 

World War 2, for example, was started because Hitler didn’t think England would react to further escapades on Polish soil. And he was wrong. But he was stubborn – and extremely ignorant.

The result? Millions dead.

The same came as a result of the First World War. Millions dead. You’d think we’d get some bloody peace and quiet but nope. Never happened.

War is not a sparkly thing. This is not the sort of thing to be bringing shiny new coins in over, nor is it the sort of thing to be high-spirited about. 

The fact I find most things the Coalition have achieved to be utterly destructive just makes me more furious when I couple that with Cameron’s attitude of frivolity and happy-go-luckiness. “Let’s celebrate our freedoms given to us by the sacrifice of millions, whilst we worry about crushing you now. Never mind anything else, you just party on whilst we get on with pushing you down some more.” There are no polite words I can say to describe these people who think it’s all about flashing a new minted coin with a tached face on it, or about throwing parties or being significantly pleased that we are alive in a society where disabled and seriously ill people are treated like SHIT. F**k that. And f**k them.  I never want to see people like Cameron, Osborne and Smith in government once they’re booted out for as long as I live that’s for damn sure.


Duggan Inquiry Inconsistencies.

Having had a look through the following (along with the inquest itself – you can google the transcript, “duggan inquest transcript” – should get you there)


It seems bizarre to me how people can so readily consider a certain individual’s past in comparison to the actions of the Police when that individual is shot dead.

It seems wrong to me how people can readily accept that despite findings to the contrary, the Police did not act unlawfully in carrying out their duties. What concerns me more is that a jury considered that despite not enough intelligence being gathered, no previous actions to prevent the shooting in the first place having occurred, that the Police did actually lawfully kill someone they could have otherwise detained and put into custody before things got to the stage that they did.

It also seems wrong to me how right-wing supporters are going to revel in the articles of a right-wing leaning comic – destined to spew forth so much inaccuracy or just complete hogwash that people will gladly go with the flow in what they read of it and be happy in the knowledge that it’s just another bad egg off the street.

Newsflash for those people. What if it was you? What if it was you in Duggan’s shoes? Would you rather be shot dead, or arrested? I think any sane person would actually prefer to still be breathing at the end of the day. What really will become a problem is that with inquests reaching conclusions like this one, where the facts seem to indicate that not enough was done when it should have been done but “hey, it’s okay”, we will be basically allowing the Police to do whatever the hell they like, when they like. We are actively encouraging the Police to do a very bad job. 

The Police are not entirely unlike the Army. They too have a set of rules and procedures they must adhere to. Failure to follow those regulations should be punished, not accepted as a job well done. A thorough read of the transcripts from the inquest will show you that whilst the Police may have followed procedure, they did it in a pig-eared (no offense Mr Plod), slap-dash fashion. I wonder if these right-wing supporters are actually mindful of the fact that they are actually paying these people to do a half-arsed job. The only thing they did to the fullest possible extent was kill a man. I notice in one particular part of the inquest (I forget which page of the transcript I read it on) that one person was instructed not to put down the number of shots fired. Why the hell not? Is it that difficult to tell between rounds as to how many shots were fired?

I believe that having read what I’ve read in the inquest transcripts, that the jury were wrong in their conclusion. I had to be sure, so I read the transcripts. Mark Duggan was a man who may well have had bad connections, but had the Police acted properly, he could have been arrested and been able to change his ways. But that’s me. I could be wrong. Maybe if he had been arrested instead of shot dead, he might have changed his ways in prison (having previously had a fair trial and having been convicted as a result), but then come out and started doing the same old things again. Carried on with dodgy connections, hooked up with shady characters – if that is indeed what he was doing, I don’t know the man, so I can’t speak readily about what he may or may not have been doing when he was alive. Sadly, such is the way of the human mind that we cannot know it’s secrets, we cannot determine with 100% accuracy whether someone will or will not change their ways after a spell in prison. This man though, this man never had a chance – regardless of whether he was actually about to do something considered criminal or not. 

Somehow and quite inexplicably, it seems that all of a sudden you can find the sum total of 2+2 to be 5.01423

It makes no sense, whatsoever.

What makes the Inquest even more of a complete farce in my opinion, is the amount of uncertainty there seems to be present from the people involved.

Having read the BBC website on this matter (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-25663495) you’ll notice that Sir Bernard says “I want our officers to be able to be more open when it comes to the investigations that follow these events.”

No…Sir Bernard. You don’t want. You should demand that they are more open – because I’m pretty sure that’s what the public would expect of them.

I wonder if people realize this should be of national concern, this is not a localized issue when you are dealing with a national organization. This sort of event is likely to have people not trust anyone from the same authority regardless of where they are, no matter if it’s London or Manchester or Birmingham, Leicester or Leeds. ALSO regardless of whether they are black or white! These people wear the same sodding outfits. They will get tarred with the same brush – and I think Sir Barnard’s comments seem to indicate that he doesn’t consider this to be something of a big deal in a wider perspective. It’s a huge deal. The Police do operate outside of the Metropolitan area after all – regardless of division, the Police is still the Police.

“…we’re going to ask them to wear video cameras, so that we can record this type of incident, and I’m going to meet many people from across London, leaders from the Haringey community, to see what we need to do to work together to improve the confidence in the Met for those members of society who may feel that this has damaged their confidence in any way.”

Well blow me down, are we really all so idiotic that he thinks that will help? Video cameras can be tampered with, what they record can be tampered with. To me, this is half a step forward but possibly ten steps back.

To some people the Duggan family might look a bit rough around the edges, people might form opinions about them, humans do that, but regardless of anyone’s history, Mark’s, or anyone else that knew him or lived with him, he – as much as the rest of the Duggan family in particular – do deserve proper justice, through the proper channels, following proper and accurate procedures, irrespective of anything they say or do, right or wrong. It’s only right, it’s only fair – and it sure as the stars shine better be honest.

This isn’t Deepcut, Officer. Honest. 

Hey, what’s up?

So this is my blog. I started it originally by re-blogging someone else’s article on welfare reform. Then I thought that it really wasn’t good form to do that, came back and decided to blog a bit about me.

I’m a lost soul for the most part – but I know enough about what I want in my life to be able to say that sooner or later, I’ll be more sure of my direction in life, even though finding that direction is much better being found at an earlier age. 

Several things are close to my heart or at least mean something to me considerably. 

I care a great deal about mental health issues. Some of the stories I’ve read about the behavior of the Police in the US has lead me to believe that there is much in the way of ignorance to be found in the way people address mental health issues if they don’t possess those issues themselves. 

I care about the Armed Forces. Many members of my family have served in one way or another, over generations. I am not one of those people who is likely to in that respect – and I’m glad of it. I think our involvement in conflicts overseas is at best questionable, at worst illegal. Iraq for instance. There was a whole lot of hogwash on that one. I often wonder when we will actually have an Armed Forces that actually defends our own country instead of sticking it’s ordered oars into other countries. 

I care about people – the underdogs particularly. I’m not too fussed about the likes of Cameron, Smith and Osborne. Politics has become more about dishonesty to get what politicians want, not honesty to get where everyone else needs to be.

I care about art. Art fascinates me in most of it’s forms. I’m not a fan of lung-busting operas, don’t really consider ballet to be “right up there” with stuff to be interested in. Music and art is pretty much my home from home. Along with gaming. Perhaps too much gaming to be honest. Lawrence Alma Tadema, Sir Frank Dicksee (not the best name to have, don’t you think?), Amy Brown and the usual classics which you can find all over the internet should you be compelled to Google them – but I won’t list those – and a fair number of others are all proper artists – the ones that didn’t use Photoshop, or Coral Draw, or even Microsoft Paint, or Paint.net (you get it, I’m sure). There’s a whole stash of artists who do use Photoshop and similar programs that submit there stuff to Deviantart, which is where I tend to sling anything I put together as well – but I’m nowhere near as talented, I just do stuff for the sake of doing stuff, and most of it’s fairly basic stuff. The one thing that I ever did that has had over a thousand downloads is a Lacuna Coil wallpaper. Everything else? Not so popular – and I can imagine why. It’s not a common interest. Like a band, or a cause perhaps.

The one thing I care about the most is a person. The love of my life. A 27 year old who moved all the way from her family’s home 300 odd miles away simply to be with me and start a new life. She’s just signed up to do a course in Uni and we’re engaged. I know that at times in the two years we’ve been together things have been really challenging, but I know she’s trying her best and I know that even when she might not always be the easiest of people to talk to because it’s just a really bad day or something, she’s still a human being and I love her and that’s all that matters at the end of the day – and she gets away with a  lot because of that too. With hope and perseverance and a lot of heart, I’m sure that one way or the other, we’ll make things work between us.

I think the last thing to say would be that we’re both crazy people.